Announcement: Java Toolbox Build 25 is available

A new version of the Java Toolbox open source project is available.   Here follow the release notes:

Build 25 (b25)

* Added WS-Addressing, JAX-WS proxy and XmlBeans support to the
** Added the following classes to support interaction with addressing

* Added the class. This servlet extends
  the CXFServlet and exposes the Bus instance employed by the servlet
  to the rest of the web application through a ServletContext attribute

* Added the toolbox.web.actions.wsil.WSILAction to facilitate WSIL document

* Added share/ant/wsdesign.xml Apache Ant build file to facilitate the
  generation of Web Service designs using Java as a DSL. (Experimental)

* Added the DaoWorker::executeCallForOutput() method to perform stored
  procedure calls that return more than one output parameter.

* Added DaoBeanEx meta data support to the toolbox.dao.ListBuilderImpl.

* Added an event driven FTP client API. The FTP client implementation is
  provided by the Apache Commons Net package.  The API is implemented in
  the toolbox.ftp and packages.

* Added two additional DaoBean templates to the templates/dao directory. These
  templates will genenarate DaoBean implemenations using static members to store
  the bean meta data. This should be more memory efficient and performant.


Happy Hacking!

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